Home Restoration

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When we feel tired from our environment, when we simply don\'t like what surrounds us in our home, it is time to renovate things. This doesn\'t mean that we should buy new and expensive furniture but it means that we should wake up our motivation and our creativity and rearrange our home.Yes, some things maybe need to be changed but also you may change the order, then the position of some objects, to change the color of the walls and together with the new objects, you will refresh the look of your home. That change will make you feel better too because the changes are good on their own and bring new energy to us.Samantha likes to renovate her house. It has been a while since the house was renovated for the last time so Samantha things that now it\'s the perfect time to change things and restore her home. However, before she could make magic by changing the appearance of her home, Samantha needs to take care of her personal belongings. They need to be placed somewhere before she starts renovating. Samantha could use our help for that, so let\'s help her.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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