The Demon Trap

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People have different hobbies and interests so they choose different ways how to spend their days or their free time. And between those interests, there is something that is considered to be rather strange because actually there are not real evidences that could prove it, but people still believe in it. We are talking about paranormal appearances and activities. And even though some people say that they have seen those paranormal phenomena, we still can’t say that we have a logical explanation for them.Sandra and Paul for example, are in this group of people who believe in paranormal phenomena. Actually, they are so into it that they use every chance to go and explore some abandoned place or to check out some legend, related to a certain paranormal phenomenon.That is not something that many people do, but Sandra and Paul are really excited about and they hardly wait to hear about something like this.Today, Sandra and Paul, come in one abandoned house. According to the legend, this the exact place where a certain demon lives. This would be the first time in their life to meet a real demon but it seems that they are easily tricked by him because very soon they stay trapped in his place, so they have to look for a way how to save themselves.

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