Scary Darkness

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Sometimes, all of us might feel scared when we are alone in our homes. Maybe it is about nothing special or scary but the pure fact that we are alone, makes us feel less secure. And as the night comes and it becomes more and more quiet, we start hearing all kind of noises. Each noise seems to be a certain threat and start guessing what it may be. Luckily, it usually happens that there is nothing scary in the house, just our imagination and our fear that something bad could actually happen, which is completely normal.But is everything ok in Denise\'s house? Lately, when the night falls, she hears strange sounds in her house and it starts to happen very often. This night those sounds seem to become even louder which makes Denise even more frightened. She decides that it is time to find out what is happening in her house every night, so she starts looking around.Let\'s take a look together and find out what is actually happening in Denise\'s house. We truly hope that it is not about something really scary and dangerous.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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