Coyote Village

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The cowboy Joshua comes back to his birthplace after one year. Actually, a year ago, Joshua\'s farm was attacked by a pack of coyotes. Joshua\'s family was so scared that they decided to leave the place just like that. They run away in panic, leaving everything they have on that farm. It was hard to leave, just like that, but they were running for their lives. Their fear was bigger than everything, so they made a quick decision.Joshua has many needed objects on that farm, so he decides that it is time to come back home and see the condition of the farm now. He believes that he will find everything as it was at the moment when they left, but who knows, maybe something unexpected was happening on the farm during the last year. We have to go there together with Joshua and check things out. There is a chance that he will need some help there since those coyotes can visit the farm at any moment. And what if they became hosts on the farm? We are about to find out very soon. Just that we need to be ready for everything, right?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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