Thanksgiving Treasure

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Elizabeth, together with her husband Donald and their child Paul, come into Elizabeth’s mother home for Thanksgiving holiday. They would spend a great time there, having in mind that grandmother Barbara has prepared an interesting game for her grandchild but also for her daughter Elizabeth and her son in law, Donald.It is about a real thanksgiving game that includes many entertaining tasks including search for golden coins. Barbara has hidden those coins somewhere in the house, so they have to search all through the house in order to find them. That would be the first task but also, they will have to help Barbara prepare the thanksgiving table, by making some delicious food.It seems that this will be the best day ever, so let’s see how will this family spend the thanksgiving holidays. Maybe they will give us inspiration for the following holidays, so let’s enjoy the thanksgiving spirit by looking for the treasure, well hidden somewhere in Barbara’s place and help those guys find that treasure.

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