Help in Need

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It is very good for everyone to have a friend you can confide in and a friend who is there when you are in trouble or maybe in trouble. However, such friends are rare and therefore we should appreciate them to the fullest. Arthur\'s friend is a lucky person to have Arthur as a friend. He works at the school and is currently unable to do his job because he is ill. But Arthur, who is his best friend, took it upon himself to help him. Arthur came to the school where his friend works as a cleaner, ready to clean anything that is needed. It is not difficult at all for him to help his best friend in such moments. Let\'s see what the situation is with the school and around the school, and let\'s be friends in need to help Arthur get the job done. Both Arthur and his friend will be infinitely grateful to us. Also, the students who study there will be grateful to us, because they will once again be able to spend their days in an impeccably clean environment. Let\'s get started right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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