The Homecoming

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Life can take us everywhere, that is a fact. When we are just kids, we have a feeling that we will live in the same place forever, but during the years, we change the places where we live, some of us even move to other countries. Diana lived in one place when she was young. She doesn\'t live there anymore but she kept the picture of that place in her head for so many years. All those years, she imagined to herself living in the house again and it seems that she will fulfill her wish. After many years and a lot of efforts, Diane manages to buy her old house, the place where she spent her childhood. She is very happy that she will live in that house again, so she hardly waits to enter there once again and find out if there are still some objects there that will bring her back her childhood memories. Let\'s see the house together with Diane and help her find the objects she is looking for. Maybe we will find something interesting in the house, and we will find objects that witness about some time that has passed.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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