The Art Forger

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Taken generally art is priceless. Each work of art is unique because it is made by some particular artist. Even though it may not be a part of artistic directions like expressionism or impressionism, it still represents a part of the artist\'s person, his current condition. That is something that can\'t be duplicated. But on the other hand, when someone\'s piece of art is appreciated, it gets a high price. And some people gain profits from selling copies of those pieces which are valuable. That is criminal, but it is hard to be stopped once for all, like with any other criminal activity.Lately, have been noticed many new copies that can hardly differ from the original. Detective Jason, the head of the museum - Sharon, and her assistant Ryan, are on a joint mission to find out which of the valuable art exhibits in their museum are copy. Sometimes even the best connoisseurs of art history may fail the challenge of accurately assessing a work of art, so there is a possibility that some of the museum\'s possessions are nothing more than forgery.

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