Suspicious Baggage

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Every day at the airport arrive so many people. Some of them travel for business, some of them travel for pleasure and it is like that for the most of the people that check in at the airport. But besides those ‘innocent’ travelers, there are also people that would like to smuggle something from one place to another. Sometimes it’s about money or some objects, but unfortunately there are people that like to smuggle weapons, or people who plan to perform some criminal or even terroristic action at the airport…Detective Richard, together with the policemen Sandra and John, are following a trace. It is about the trace of a certain suspicious baggage that showed up today on the main city airport. They want to find out where did this baggage come from, so following the traces they come to a house, located at the end of the city.The house looks suspicious too so they have to be careful in the whole investigation because they are not sure about the content of the baggage. It might appear that it is a regular baggage but also there is a chance that there is something dangerous, so let’s work carefully and help the two policemen find out what is actually about.

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