Unknown Passenger

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Unfortunately, bomb alerts could be frequent. Sometimes they are here just to scare people and keep them stressed but other times it is really about a bomb that is set to explode after a certain time. In those cases, the authorities need to react right away.Also, it is important to react carefully and make the right choice which is based on their knowledge and experience, so they could deactivate the bomb and save all those people who are in danger at that moment.There has been a bomb alert in the station about a bomb set in the vehicle with number 497. As said, this vehicle is located at the north railway station and all the passengers are already evacuated. The professionals from the station have managed to do that and now it is time for the police to finish the action.The two detectives Susan and Donald, together with their team, arrive at the railway station, so search the terrain and see exactly what is it about. Was that alert real or now, we are about to see it very soon.

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