Lost in NYC

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Living in New York is a dream for numerous people all around the world. People come there, dreaming about better future. Some dream of becoming a celebrity, some dream earning a lot of money, some see themselves as famous musicians, and who knows what else. And like always in life, there are people who manage to fulfil their dreams and other who change their dreams for something else, in order to find answers for their existential questions.Three days ago, the young Anthony has come to visit the great New York for the first time in his life. His whole life Anthony has been living in a small city, so he finds very hard to adapt and generally find his way in the big city. There have been few days already since Anthony’s parents haven’t heard anything from his, so feeling rather desperate, they decided to hire a detective to find him. Detective Betty is on her way to search the big city, or maybe she will decide to follow certain concrete traces because finding someone in the Big Apple is definitely not an easy job.

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