Secret Island Treasure

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A pirate family, looking for a hidden treasure?! Well that sound like an interesting and exciting way to live your life, right? Here is one existing fact. No matter how much the parents deny it or don\'t like to approve it, parents\' profession has a huge influence on the life choices of their children.It may happen children to follow their parents steps without even thinking about something else or they may simply hate their parents\' professions because they are so saturated of listening things about some particular topic, even if that may sound interesting at one point or another.In the following game it is about something that we may call it \'a family business\' and that is being a pirate. Actually Thomas is a sailor but the thing that he does today seems more like a pirate\'s life. Thomas, together with his daughters Sarah and Betty who also love sailing, arrive at the island Bentfil. They find out that this island hides a treasure but no one knows exactly where is hidden. They hope that they will find the hidden treasure, by searching together. Let\'s see what will happen.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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