Shark Bay

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Weekends always remember us on adventure, on something relaxing that should happen. Some want to spend time far away from people and noise, others would love to climb on a mountain and simply get lost, or what about a weekend somewhere outside with closest friends, with no phones, TV, and other technological interruptions.We are always trying to offer you an interesting adventure when weekends are about to happen. We won\'t make an exception this time as well. We combine some adventure and mystery for today. Imagine that there is a place with a lot of diamonds and you want to find them for yourself. Our hero of this game is named Evelyn. She loves to enter in interesting adventures. And this lady is very brave and she is very brave girl. She is not afraid of anything.Evelyn arrives in the Shark Bay. This scary place has very rarely seen any kinds of visitor. That makes this mysterious place ideal for covering hidden diamonds. Evelyn is brave girl and all by herself she decides to find the hidden diamonds of this dangerous place.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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