Coast of Gold

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Pirate\'s stories are very famous. They talk about their brave feats but also they talk about hidden treasures, and that is really often. Actually taking treasures from other boats and looking for hidden treasures was the main dedication of the pirates and that\'s why those stories are full of themes like this. And were those stories real? Well since there are so many of them, it has to be something real.Between all those stories, there is a story about a famous coast of gold. Supposedly, this coast hides a lot of treasure and it is still unexplored by the pirates, which means everything is still there. That is the reason why the pirates Thomas and Emily, together with their bunch of pirates-friends, felt huge excitement when they found out one new coast.It is about a coast that wasn\'t known by now which reminds them to the story about the gold. Finding this coast will mean a huge luck for them, but also a lot of gold and treasure, so they start exploring the place right away. Let\'s help Thomas, Emily and the other pirates find out if their suspicions are real.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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