Hidden Riddles

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Patricia is one of those persons that really enjoy winter. The cold weather is not an obstacle for her because there are numerous activities that could be done in winter that bring more joy than difficulty, Patricia also loves skiing very much. Every year, during the winter holiday, she, together with her husband, goes in her mountain house that is located near the ski center. They enjoy the winter there, spending as much time as they can on the snow, breathing the fresh air.Patricia’s husband knows that she loves the winter that much. But besides the winter, Patricia also loves riddles. The riddles serve her as mental gymnastics and she believes that she is really good at solving them. To make their stay in the mountain house even more interesting, Patricia’s husband has prepared her few winter riddles.He is hiding those riddles all around the house, so this winter the both of them will have a lot of fun in the mountain house. Let’s see Patricia’s house and enjoy the winter there, together with her and her husband.

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