Midnight Investigation

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We all know that vineries are interesting places. The selling and producing of vine are their main purposes but besides that, the vineries are usually arranged and decorated very creative. The process of tasting vine is a real enjoyment of the soul and it asks for good surroundings, so the persons that taste the vine could feel really pleased. But have you ever heard about a vinery that sells poisonous drinks?Not even in the stories, right? There is one really strange and mysterious place out there, or at least there are rumors about it, and the police tries to find out what is the truth behind those rumors… Phillip, Emily and Jenna are three detectives who work on one particular case for a long time.It is about that mysterious vinery that sells poisonous drinks. It seems that they managed to find more evidences about this vinery. Actually, they believe that they have found the place, so now it is time for them to explore the place even better, so they could be sure in their suspicions. Let’s explore together this unusual place and see what is it about.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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