Movie Night

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So, what do you think about having a movie night? Are you a person that enjoys watching movies as we do? If you are, we are sure that you will enjoy this game very much but even if you are not, hidden objects are still your biggest passion, right? Let\'s start!Wendy is a really big fan of movies. Every time when she doesn\'t have any other responsibilities, she spends her time watching movies. She could not even guess how many movies she has already seen and many of them are watched few times because she likes to remember every interesting detail in each one of them. She enjoys watching again and again, always finding a new interesting shot that waits to be analyzed.Today Wendy likes to show us her favorite scenes from the movies she has seen. We will see scenes from few interesting movies and some of them could be some that you have watched before and you already know them but this time we will explore those scenes in details. Our intention is to remember as many details as possible and after that we should answer few questions related top those scenes. We don\'t know if you are as big fan of movies as Wendy but we are sure that you\'ll be interested in those details and you will enjoy looking for the things that are hidden in each shot.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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