Missed Call

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There was something that has shaken detective Susan. She is rather calm when it comes to work but, in this case, her personal life interferes with her professional life. Namely, her colleague, detective Richard, has been murdered. Detective Susan likes to find out who stands behind the murder of her colleague and she starts working on the case by collecting evidences about the murder.While following the traces and the evidences, Susan realizes that there are not many evidences about it. Actually, the only thing that she knows about the murder is that half hour before the murder, detective Richard had an anonymous missed call on his phone. Detective Susan starts the investigation by trying to identify who was the last person who called Richard before he was murdered.Let\'s resume all the traces and the evidences and try to solve the case about the murder of detective Richard. Susan will be rather thankful if we could help her find out who was responsible for the death of her colleague.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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