Magical Rubies

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On today\'s menu we have scary witch riddles. They\'re sure to give you some fun and frightening pleasure. The witch Kayla is quite a riddle maker. She has made up some riddles of her own in order to protect the magical rubies she possesses and which she uses in the casting of spells and during rituals. Today she has to protect them from an intruder in her property. Her name is Alice.Alice arrives at Kayla\'s estate to find the magical rubies and take them from this witch by any cost. Many cultures have long considered ruby a stone of kings. Not surprisingly, since this gem means power, wealth, and their protection. Possessing a ruby can protect and benefit owner\'s estates and assist in the accumulation of wealth. There are also many legends which state that Ruby is a magnet for other precious stones.Alice has a severe disagreement with Kayla, but at the end the witch agrees to give her the rubies under one condition. Alice needs to answer right all the riddles that the witch made up. Be careful, the riddles are so difficult that require your brain thrusters to be at maximum capacity.

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