Time Travel Experiment

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History is filled with mysterious stories of people and items who have stepped out of thin air from another place and have gone on to leave impenetrable mysteries in their wake to this day. Stepping out of blue and into our imagination, these baffling appearances represent a phenomena every bit as perplexing as strange disappearances.A team of detectives couldn\'t believe their eyes when they spotted a tram from another time in the center of their city. This is the weirdest case that Daniel and Nancy had to work on so far. The tram, which seemed to have appeared completely out of nowhere in the middle of their city, gave them quite the shock. It appears that it is approximately 70 years old. There are no passengers in the tram, but everything looks new inside as it was full of people just a moment ago.They suspect that someone is experimenting with time travel. Has someone found a way to change the course of history or is it just a prank? Let us take you to a journey into the world of mystery. Help detectives Daniel and Nancy solve the case and find out what is really happening.

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