Good Cop Bad Cop

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You have all probably seen in the movies about cops and criminals - the technique known as \'good cop- bad cop\'. The suspect is in a special room where he answers to the questions given by the cops. And since the criminals don\'t like to reveal their actions, they are doing their best to look innocent and avoid to show any possible reaction that might put them under suspicion.But of course, in most of the cases that is not possible even though sometimes the authorities have to use some more harsh methods to get the truth, like this thing known as \'good cop – bad cop.\' In this case there are two cops who play roles.The one of them is the good guy who supposedly likes to protect the suspect while the other one approaches more directly and asks questions that could be used as a provocation for the suspect, so he should tell the truth after a while. The police officers Kimberly and Timothy, together with their colleagues, work on a case of a murder of the detective Thomas. Thomas was murdered in his own home but they all suspect that this case involves their other colleagues.

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