The Last Trail

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The cowboy Charles is looking for his son Mark. A few days ago, Mark has disappeared. He went hunting and but he has not come back home yet. This is very surprising because this is not something that typically happens to Mark.Charles is sad and scared because he doesn\'t have a clue what might happen to his son, so he calls his good friend, the Indian Chayton, who is one of the best seekers around. He hopes that together with Clayton, he will be able to find Mark. He likes to know what has happened to Mark, but most of all, he likes to bring him back home, as soon as possible.We could also take part in this cowboys\' saga and try to find out what has happened to the son of cowboy Charles. Has he lost his way? Did someone kidnap him? Or maybe he wanted to disappear because he went somewhere?We are about to find out very soon, and the search will end up even faster if you help in the search. The seeker Clayton is probably the best around, but with help, he will be even better.

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