Wrong Way

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Sara went camping with her family. Camping is a wonderful way to spend some time with the ones we love. That\'s why she really enjoys those moments and hardly waits to have some free time for activities like this. This time, while they are camping, Sara\'s husband goes fishing, together with their sons. Sara is not that much into fishing, so she decides that it will be nice if she takes a walk and explores the surroundings. She believed that she knows the place where they camp, but all of a sudden Sara realizes that she is lost. She took the wrong path and now she doesn\'t know what to do. Wondering around, Sara finds out an old abandoned house which is an ideal place to take shelter. She hopes that this house is safe and that nothing wrong can happen there. Let\'s see what is hiding in the abandoned house and let\'s help Sara if something unexpected happens there. It is quite sure that we will be of help because she is there all alone and there is not much she can do in that situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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