The Princess Warrior

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Fighting for the honor of one self or of a close member of the family is principle quality for a good and brave person. If you let bad things to happen to someone who you love, respect, care, than you are participating in that \'crime\'. And when you struggle to get some victory over the evil forces, than you don\'t choose the tools how to make it.We are sure you have read a lot of stories about princesses who are pretending to be boys, because the rules of the kingdom are very severe for girls who want to fight battles with arms. And, they always achieve their point, usually get to be recognized and punished, but that is not a problem for them if they achieved the deal.Princess Amelda together with her sister Princes Lucretia are in a middle of mission how to lurk around dressed up as ordinary girls in the castle of the King Arnold. He is great rival of their father. King Arnold wants to create war. He has hired soldier of fortunes who he pays with precious stones. The princesses have one task to steal the precious stones from Arnold.

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