Dangerous assignment

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Maybe, you haven’t heard about Patrick Hill yet, but this is a name that you’ll remember, not for good. Namely, it is about the man that has stollen some of the most valuable paintings, made by the best artists of all times. Those pieces of art were exhibited in many museums all around the world, places that are good secured since they are visited by numerous visitors every day. This man has managed to be unnoticed while doing his robberies, but still, the police knows that it is about Patrick Hill because some traces point at him, but also, he is someone that is already wanted by the police and tracked by Interpol.The three friends Margaret, Anthony and Donna are on a dangerous assignment. They arrive at the house that belongs to the famous robber of works of art, Patrick Hill. He is hiding somewhere but the police believe that he is actually hiding in his home. Margaret, Anthony and Donna have a task to find enough evidences that will prove that Patrick hides here. This is dangerous mission indeed, but the three friends are willing to find out the truth.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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