The Queens Diamonds

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It is a rule in the kingdom that there are no royal secrets but on the other hand, there are things that need to stay secret, especially from the king. Namely, the queen has lost her precious diamonds and no one knows about that, except her closest companion, a girl named Margaret.Having in mind how complicate this situation is, Margaret is at a very secret mission at the moment. Namely, Margaret have to help the queen find those precious diamonds. She will look for the diamonds but that needs to be done secretly, without being noticed by anyone.If someone finds out what happen, he might become next suspect because everyone could possibly become greedy for the queen\'s diamonds. On the other hand, if the king finds out that the queen has lost the diamonds, that would mean that the queen has betrayed his trust and probably he will become very mad. If we summarize all of this, it appears that Margaret holds all the strings, so let\'s help her find the diamonds and solve this unpleasant situation.

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