Secret Enemy

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Detective Charles is many times fooled by the criminals. It\'s not that he is not good at his job, he is great, but sometimes a person can\'t predict what comes next in a certain situation, especially if that situation involves people that are close to that person, like colleagues or friends. In this situation, detective Charles suspects that some of his colleagues are cooperating with the criminals. He believes that he is telling them the plans of the detectives and that\'s why one of them is always one step before the detective. This interrupts Charle\'s work a lot, and many times he feels helpless in a situation. Charles has been chasing after criminals most of the time but this time he is after one of his colleagues who is his secret enemy. Who might that enemy be? He doesn\'t suspect anyone concrete, but he will find out very soon because he is a great and very honest detective. Let\'s see what will detective Charles face in his last case and let\'s help him find the intruder in the team, once and for all.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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