Wrapped in Fear

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Living in the biggest noise in the center of the city or living somewhere far from that city rush is a personal choice. For someone is better the first option, for someone the second, but in both cases it could appear something that could make things wrong...Evelyn lives in the loneliest house, at the end of the city. Her closest neighbors are few hundred meters away from her which is not that far if everything is all right, but this night those meters seem like never-ending destination. This night for the first time Evelyn notices certain paranormal things that happen in her house. She likes to find out a logical explanation for the things that happen around her but that it\'s simply not possible. She is so scared but her whole house also becomes a fear house.This girl has to find a way to escape the whole scary situation before it is too late. It seems that she will desperately need our help, so let\'s help her face those paranormal things, beat them and make her house a safe place for living.

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