Suburban Crime

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There has been a murder in a small suburb, a place that has been peaceful and quiet so far. Namely, in one of the houses in the suburb was found the body of Carl, a man who was an owner of mechanical service. He was a mechanic, which means that most of the people in that suburb knew him, and that\'s why they all found hard the information about his death. According to the crime scene and the traces left behind, everything indicates that it is about a murder. The policemen Joan and Walter come to the small suburb to find out as many pieces of evidence as they can, so they could find out the answers about the murder. They would like to shed light on the case and find out who might be the killer. Did this man have enemies in the suburb? Was he an innocent victim killed by imprudent thieves, or is it about something completely different? Let\'s help the two officers do their job better, by providing them with enough evidence. They might be excellent in their work, but it is always useful to check out things from a different perspective.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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