Wild West Treasures

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So, we can\'t know much about the Wild West from our own experience because this term is used to describe the western United States in the past, especially in the 19th century. As we see in the movies, it characterizes by roughness, lawlessness, cowboys, outlaws, and frontier exploration. Treasure hunting was another popular activity in the Wild West. Treasure hunters would search for hidden gold, silver, and other valuable items that were left behind by outlaws or buried by miners. Treasure hunters used various methods to find treasure, such as following maps, searching abandoned mines, or using metal detectors, but they also sell treasure maps or clues to other treasure hunters.Cowboy Anthony and his girlfriend Emily are treasure hunters in the Wild West. Searching for different treasures, they have traveled to many places. Now they arrive in a small town that is almost abandoned, to explore it, and see if they can find any wealth. This town used to be a place where gold diggers lived, so they suppose there is probably some treasure hidden there.

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