Silence on Set

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Kimberly is a detective that has solves many cases in her career and this time she is working on a case of a murder. This murder has happened on a filming set of one TV show. Namely, one of the main actions in the show was murdered with a real firearms. Everyone on the set is confused about the whole situation. They know that all the time the directors of those shows don’t use weapons and when they have to use some, in order to demonstrate something, they use fake weapons.Tha police is called at the place of the crime scene and detective Kimberly nas a task to find out where did this weapon come from?! Who is responsible for the weapon and finally, who did the murder? Was this murder planned or it was just an accident? It is hard to say that it can be an accident, having in mind all the circumstances but who knows?Let’s take part in this investigation and try to help Kimberly finish her job successfully. You can work like a real professional, with real detectives, so let’s see what will happen in this serious situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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