Night Walker

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The three friends Laura, Jeffrey, and Cynthia were thinking what to do the following weekend. The three of them agreed that they want to spend the weeked somewhere outside the city, somewhere in nature. Jeffrey owns a mountain house, and Laura and Cynthia haven’t visited the place yet. Also, Jeffrey hasn’t been there for sometime, so ir will be a great chance to check out the condition of the house. He will see if everything is all right or maybe there is something that needs to be fixed. However, when Jeffrey comes in the house, together with his friends, he stays completely surprised by the view he sees there! Namely, Jaffrey realizes that the house surves someone as a home! Someone lives in Jaffrey’s mountain house and he doesn’t have a clue who might that be! Jaffrey becomes little bit frightened because he doesn’t know what to expect more, but he has to face the person who is hidden in the house.Let’s search the house, together with the three friends, and find out who is hidden there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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