Desert Discoveries

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Let\'s go back to another time, to another exotic place - back to ancient Egypt. And what is it that most associate us with ancient Egypt? - The Egyptian pyramid and the pharaohs who lived at that time, wrapped in a series of mysteries for everything. Kayla belongs to that past time, and knows what is happening there first hand. Kayla is a brave girl who is expecting a mission that requires her to do so - courage and perseverance in dealing with a situation that can be called \"sure\", but not an everyday situation. Kayla arrives in one of the Pharaoh\'s palaces. This palace has been abandoned for several years. The reason for this is the curse cast on this place and the many misfortunes that happen here in the family of the pharaoh. Kayla wants to try to break the curse that has been placed on this place, and she expects to be rewarded by the pharaoh. Let\'s see what is happening in the pharaoh\'s palace and try to find a way to help this girl in her mission. The return of the pharaoh in the coat would mean a lot for the whole place.

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