Scent of the Forest

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There is no such a thing as the nature. People could invent everything to be artificial but they surely are not able to copy the vivacity that hides in every creation of the nature, no matter if it\'s about people, about animals, insects or some natural beauty like the lakes, the ocean or the forests for example. And not to mention the fruits, their special color, smell and taste that make us feel wonderful while we feed all our senses with them.Janet is a huge fan of long walks in nature. She uses every free time for taking a walk in the near forest. The thing is that she adores the scent of the forest, especially in this period of the year. It is about the period of the year when the first forest strawberries show up and strawberries are definitely Janet\'s favorite fruits.Those tiny red berries enchant her every year so she starts looking for them once they start showing up. Let\'s take a nice walk through the forest, together with Janet, and help her find the first forest strawberries for this year. We could guarantee you a great fun while enjoying the beauties of the nature.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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