Kingdom of Prosperity

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The father of the princess Catherine is planning to leave his kingdom. He has decided to leave his function as a leader and he likes his daughter to continue where he has stopped. However, the princess is still young and before she starts her duty, she has to learn something more about her people. The people who live in that kingdom have their own problems and needs that need to be fulfilled, so she has to learn about them first, before she starts helping.And how can a princess learn most about her people them with relating with them. Only if she is close enough with them, she will manage to learn something more about them. Princess Catherine decides to take a walk through the streets of her kingdom in order to see what exactly do they need. She will go there together with her right hand, the knight Armina, because she believes that that way she will learn even more.Let\'s see how is it for a princess to walk between the regular people, on the streets of her kingdom. We will also walk together with her and see what a princess needs to know before she starts ruling.

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