Secret Railway

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That is the concept of all stories about the wild west and probably that is what was actually happening there. We have the cowboys and possibly the sheriff, then this group of criminals that operates around and spreads fear all around. The fights between gangs are an everyday thing until some brave cowboy or a group of cowboys decides that it is time to put an end to the terror by facing the bad gangs. Now let\'s see what is happening in the actual situation. The three cowboys, Frank, Debra, and Emma, are hunting a gang of thieves that is robbing banks all around Texas. During their investigation, the cowboys discover a secret railway. They are sure that the stolen gold will be transported through this railway. That means they have to find a way how to perform a serious intervention and stop the thieves in their actions. Let\'s see together what is happening in the wild west and help the cowboys finish their mission. Things are wild there, but not wild enough to scare you, right? Let\'s start right away.

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