Temple of Ramses

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These days people have heard the news that archeologists in Egypt have found out the remains of an antique temple that once belonged to King Ramses II. This Pharaoh was many times regarded as the greatest, most famous, and most influential pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire which makes this discovery very important. Archaeologists hope the find could shed light on the life of the 19th Dynasty pharaoh, who ruled over 3,200 years ago.April is a part of the archeological team that works on revelation of the temple that belonged to the Pharaoh Ramses. Probably this will be one of the biggest discoveries of today but the local citizens are against excavation in the part where they live. In return, they would like to get few objects that have some connection with the Gods. They think that if those objects are given to the citizens, the Gods will be satisfied and they won\'t become angry about the excavation of the castle.Now, the archeological team where April works has to find the objects that are wanted by the people who live there. She is in charge for this and we are sure that her mission is not that easy so let\'s work together and help her become closer to the big discovery, by taking care of the accompanying circumstances. That way they will make happy the local citizens, but also they will come a step closer to the temple of the great Pharaoh Ramses.

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