Intriguing Journey

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There are so many legends and lore circulating in different parts of the world. For most of us, these are just legends because hardly anyone bothers to check whether the legends are real or not. But some people are interested in valve stuff. Among these people is the young Lauren who is a real adventurer and most of all she likes to discover mysteries, solve puzzles and examine the credibility of legends.This time, Lauren arrives in Morocco. She is here with a single purpose and that is to check the truth of the legend about the buried treasure of the nomads. We know that they did not have a permanent place of residence, they moved from one place to another, and they must have had a place, or more places, where they hid the things that they could not always take with them, including their wealth. Lauren wants to explore and find where their treasure is buried and solve the mystery of the nomads. Let\'s help her.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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