Ice Journey

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Marie and her friends have planned to spend some time in the ski center that is located near the city where she lives. It is about a very nice place that is rather popular in winter. Many people come there to enjoy the snow and spend some time in the wonderful nature. Today is the day, Marie has prepared for the trip, but unfortunately, something unexpected happens. Everything was planned perfectly but something came up. Due to work responsibilities, Marie missed the daily bus that should have taken her to the ski center. Now she is looking for a solution to how to get there. Her friends have already arrived, but Marie has to get safely to their cottage, traveling alone on the cold winter night. She is a little bit scared, but she knows that her friends are waiting for her and they will have a lot of fun in the snow. Let\'s see what will happen with Marie on her ice journey. We can also help her get to her friends, so we can enjoy together some time in the snow. Are prepared for some adventure?

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