Journey to the Unknown

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Unfortunately, for some people, comes that point in life when they have to leave the place where they live not because they like to, but because they are forced to do that. Sometimes it\'s because of a certain natural phenomenon like earthquakes or tsunami, sometimes because of a war, sometimes because of the desire and need for a better life.Those migrations are very hard in general but in case they are inevitable, a person has to be strong and do what he must do. There is a threat of a massive destruction on the planet known as Ibroria. That means a threat to the people who live there, including their genus.Renaya is a princess that comes from this planet so she has to leave from Ibroria with aim to save herself but also to save her genus. Renaya will go together with her two companions, two girls who will help her get ready for her journey to the unknown. On the same boat with Renaya and her companions will travel all the other members of her family, as well but they still don\'t know where will be their final destination.

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