Interrupted truce

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We live in a time of globalization and the process of globalization is closely related to the migrations of different ethnic groups all around the world. Namely, now, thanks to the developed means of transport and the knowledge of different languages, it becomes rather easier to move into another country and choose it for a place for living. Chinese people can be found all around the world, outside their native country. And as it goes for the newcomers, they usually move in the same neighborhood. All around the world, there are areas known as \"Chinatown,\" which is an ethnic enclave of Chinese people located outside China. In this Chinatown, things are not that good at the moment. Namely, the two detectives Zion and Liling come into the quart, with an intention to find a solution for the fights between gangs. Those fights were very often in the past, but it seems that in the last 10 years, the police have managed to maintain the peace between the gangs. However, it was until this morning when one group of attackers broke into a famous restaurant and started to break everything around, with an intention to scare the guests and owner of the place...

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