A Helping Hand

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Even though the roots are same, children often choose to have life that is completely different from the life of their parents. And that is completely right, having in mind that is most important to teach the kids think and judge over things with their own head. In that case, they will be able to make their own decisions and choose their own path, without being dependent on anything.Butch is an old farmer that has been living by himself for quite some time. In his case, the life he is having is completely different from the life of his children. Josh and Mia are his children, and they live in the city nearby.Their life is completely different from the life of their father and they are not used to the life he has. But still, they appreciate what he does, even though their lives go in a completely different direction.Today Josh and Mia wanted to spend their time helping their father and learning a little bit more about the life he has and how different it is from theirs. Let’s see how does the life of a farmer look like and help a bit if we can because there is always a need of a helping hand.

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