Balloon Expedition

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Have you ever been to Cappadocia, Turkey? In case you didn\'t know, besides the beautiful landscapes this is one of the most popular destinations in the world for hot-air ballooning. There is also a hot-air balloon festival that happens every year, which numerous professionals and tourists visit. Helen is a big fan of hot air balloon flying. She likes to fly alone, but she uses every opportunity to participate in balloon festivals held in different places worldwide. As we mentioned before, one of the most famous festivals is currently happening in Cappadocia, Turkey. Helen is pleased to visit this festival and enjoy the beauty of Cappadocia. She is there at the moment, the festival is over, and now she needs to go home with her balloon. Imagine how cool it is to use a hot-air balloon as a means of transportation, right? Helen is making the final preparations before taking off, so let\'s see what it takes to prepare for flight and what it\'s like to fly with a hot-air balloon.

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