Strange Silence

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The neighbors of Mr. Brian were rather surprised when they felt a strange unpleasant smell coming from his apartment. He was a type of man that always had someone in his home, he liked to spend time chatting with his guests and that’s why it felt strange to think that maybe he forgot to take more care about his hygiene or the hygiene of his home…But the thing that actually happened was something completely different, unfortunately. The neighbors have reported about that untypical smell that was coming from this gentleman’s apartment and the officers were the ones that found his dead body.Detective George is one of the persons in charge for solving this case. He is in Mr. Brian’s apartment and he would like to find out what has happened to this man and if his death could be a possible murder. He will investigate the crime scene, together with the police officers, and he hopes that he will manage to solve this case as soon as possible. Let’s see if we can help the authorities find out what happened with Mr. Brian.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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