Valley of the Damned

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Maybe there is no such traffic when we drive at night, but it is the worst time of the day if we need some help on the road. Something breaks down in the car, we get a flat tire, we run out of gas due to wrong judgment, we are lost on the highway, and many other unpleasant situations can happen. And if we don\'t find someone to help us, we may spend the night in the middle of nowhere, waiting for someone to pass by and help us.Amy and Eric are a married couple, and they were driving in their car in the late hours when they missed the right direction. They get to a strange place where they hope they will find help, someone that will show them the main road and the right direction. But it seems that this is actually the last place where they are supposed to look for help. This valley doesn\'t look like a safe place to be, so should they continue searching for someone, or should they leave the place, no matter what?Before Amy and Eric decide what to do, let\'s help them avoid bigger trouble.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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