Divided Empire

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It is never an easy thing to accept the truth. Or they say, truth hurts. It is not an easy thing to accept that you you have lost something that you fought for very painfully and with all the efforts. Well, it not easy to give up from anything that belongs to you, no matter if it was your heritage. That is the thing with us common people. But imagine that you are some queen who sometimes ruled great kingdom and all of the sudden something bad happens to you and you are put in a position to lose.The queen Amanda, the night Harold and brave Dutch Lauren arrive in the castle where once upon a time lived the queen Amanda. That castle is no longer hers because her husband, the King John had a big fight with his brother and now the empire is divided, so this castle will belong to John\'s brother.The queen is secretly here and wants to find her personal things and part of the treasure that is here, but the point is that she must be very confidential and soldiers must not notice her and her companions. Here you come on board, our dear player!

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