Western Detectives

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What about an adventure for today? We shell bring you back to the time when cowboys lived and they ruled. They were fearless people, fighting for the poor, fighting for the good, but there were criminals as well. The fight between the good and the evil has always been the key in no matter which society.Spaghetti westerns may not be your favorite ones, but take is an interesting story. Imagine you are dealing with a criminal and you have the power to catch that bad guy. It is the case in our game today. Today we may laugh to the western movies, but sometimes they were a real master piece.James, Patricia and Barbara are three detectives from the western time. They are more bounty hunters, they hunt criminals for reward. The train that carried great amount of gold is being rubbed, so detectives want to find out the criminals against whom there is a warrant and a big award is announced. How happy would a person be to get an award for fighting a criminal. Let\'s say you are going to be on that position. Good luck!

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