Broken Justice

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And justice for all! - is the parole that is often used to describe the way how should the legal system work. Unfortunately, there is not always justice for all and the reasons for that can be different, and sometimes the once that should bring justice are actually the ones that make all the damage, usually eager for money.The detective Ronald and the police officer Charles, come into the house of the famous judge Christopher. The two of them suspect that the famous judge has made injustice, unjustly sentencing a man to life imprisonment. The real culprit for the crime, bribed the judge to enforce this judgment, so now an innocent man lies the punishment, while the guilty one is somewhere out, maybe committing one more crime.The detectives are searching around and they like to collect enough evidences in the house of the judge Christopher. That way they will prove that the famous judge was bribed while some innocent person is sentenced to life imprisonment. Let\'s help the officers bring justice and save that innocent man.

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