Templar Treasure

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You have probably heard about the Templars, even though they lived and worked many years ago. The Knights Templar was a big group of devout Christians throughout the medieval era who had a crucial mission: to guard European travelers who were visiting the sites in the Holy Land while also carrying out military operations.There is also some information about secret tunnels built by the Knights Templar to move gold underground to their \'treasure tower\'. Those tunnels were discovered by archaeologists, beneath the ancient coastal city of Acre, Israel, and were used by the knights 800 years ago... However, we can\'t be sure about this information but there are people that explore this topic a lot, like Pamela and Patrick. The two of them are in a search of the treasure that belonged to the Templars.They arrive in Paris where, according to their assumptions, is hidden some part of the templar\'s treasure. Since they are on the right place, the search could start right away. Let\'s help Pamela and Patrick and learn something more about these brave knights.

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