Detective Instinct

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There was a murder of the famous collector Asher and this happening has shaken the public a lot. The detective Carter is in charge of this case and he is working on it very carefully. Carter is rather old and very experienced detective, which means that he doesn\'t leave anything by chance.While working on the case of a murder, the detective Carter has come upon few false evidences. It seems that those evidences were set up here, just to turn the detective\'s attention into another, wrong direction. He believed that he is close to finding the murderer, but suddenly it appeared that those clues have diverted him from the right path. And since we are talking about a detective that has a lot of experience behind him, sometimes it is even logically for him to take steps that are different from the expected.The detective Carter decides that he should follow his instinct instead of following the available evidences. He comes into Asher\'s house, suspecting that a close member of his family has committed the crime.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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